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 WHAT ABOUT A FEW GOODIES POST BEFORE 2012?You know I have too many things to show you and I just don’t really know where I should start… I have been doing so many pictures lately ( you know how you are after an illness, and especially after a week spend in bed : I am kind of abonormally active) Which is actually very good you know. I needed this, I just love having a whole bunch of things to do. So you know let’s just leave the Dubai part for a minute ( even though I just can’t wait to show you all the crazy pictures we shot) because I want to show you a few special winter goodies! ANd ther are a lot of very cool ones. This main picture for example was my invitation for the event party held in Louis Vuitton a few days ago. James and I enjoyed there some drinks and apetizers while admiring the brand’s new collection. It was lovely, but unfortunately, no picture were allowed except the polaroid shots that were made by people from LV, and offered to us as gift. Isn’t this the most gorgeous invitation card ever? I just love all these orange, beige and red colours. It is so festiv.
Also guys get ready, tomorrow is New Year! What are your plans?

My new winter beauty finds, a set of Laura Mercier “Tarte au Citron” body care with a hair mask from Kiehl’s.
And some mini tartelettes au citron, my favourite dessert.
Guess what’s in this tiny Agent Provocateur box?
Okay, go ahead and call me an addict. A candle that smells the tarte au citron. It’s paradise!
A little winter rooftop.
I love this lock detail on my Louis Vuitton Alma, I just can’t get enough of this bag.
Some earrings from and a great plumping gloss from Dior.
A starry necklace found in Mango.
 This special music edition french Vogue is great. If  you enjoy Bowie, check it out.
When my hands get really dry during winter, I love applying a rich hand cream on them. This one from Kiehl’s is really worth it.
Christmas and New Year’s cards! I love wrinting funny messages in those.
A few of my heels from my fabi shoe collection. Thanks again to David for all those gifts!
The polaroid pictures we received after the Louis Vuitton party.

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