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The girl with the blue hat

Pictures by JAMES VYN

WRITING LIVE FROM DUBAIThis country is in one word : unbelieveable. I have seen so many crazy things today ( first of all, the world’ biggest candy shop, or the world’s biggest fountaine concerto, all the world’s biggest actually). Also found out that it is a very bad idea to wear high heels in one of the world’s largest shopping mall ( even though I am a heel warior, I couldn’t handle it… guess I need some more training). Before I let you guys see the amazing views I shot there and tell you all my crazy stories I’ve experienced : I have to show you a few outfits that James and I took last week. I can believe it, I am writing this post in my summer dress and bikini while in those pictures I wear a faux-fur vest! Incredible. I need this warm weather all year long, it’s too good.

Before we left for Montreux last week we decided to get advantage of the beautiful afternoon sun to take some pictures of my new dark blue faux-fur vest ( new in my collection!). I love how it turns out, combined to the hat it just seems like a perfect match. You know how much I love Zara, well their last collection is great as it is most of the time. Therefore you can see me wear three pieces here from Zara : the hat, the pants and the coat. Hope you also enjoy those boots I received from fabi, they are so comfortable and perfect for everyday : you can shop them on, it’s worth it guys!

BRACELET : Parfois
BAG : Chanel

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