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Tea-time after christmas

Pictures by JAMES VYN

SUGAR AND BAUBLES James’s place in Montreux is full of little surprises, tiny vintage boxes, amazing cups for tea and the cutest christmas baubles on earth. The day after the celebration, we couldn’t eat anything else than some cookies and drink tea ( well that isn’t actually true, James ate the rest of the turkey. I don’t know how he does that, antomic tummy?), well at least I couldn’t since my stomach was full of chocolate, ham and masched patatoes.
As a matter of fact, those past weeks, we were both truly into the ”tea-time” tradition because nothing tastes better than earl grey during winter. 
The weather that morning was amazing, so we decided to shoot a few pictures with the christmas tree just for fun before going out in town. Isn’t this tiny mushroom bauble the cutest thing you’ve ever seen? Anyway, I hope you’ll enjoy the pictures, there are more coming up with this outfit. I am on my way to DUBAI! Here I come.

PANTS : Zara

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