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Pictures by JAMES VYN

 FRESH AIR After five days, or 134 hours, or 8040 minutes, or 482400 seconds stuck at home : I decided it was time to take a walk and finally got to breath some fresh air. Even tough I don’t really enjoy this beginning of winter ( I always preferred summer : suntans, cocktail dresses, pool parties…), it felt so good to be out. And actually I was pretty lucky, the weather was really chill, not too windy and not too cold. But I took some precautions, and dressed up as well as I could. Therefore my outfit is made of the most comfy knit-sweater I have ever tried in my life. I received it last week and can’t thank enough for this gorgeous gift that you might have already seen in my last week’s goodies post. You should definitely check out their online store, their items are very trendy and I can tell you :  it is hard not to fall in love with almost all of their pieces. I also got from them the white faux-fur vest that you may have seen at the end of my make-up video, a real must-have for the winter season. I paired this neon sweater, to some more neutral pieces such as those black leggins I received during my trip in Tokyo, a gray faux-fur vest and also another gift : a jewel clutch. Thanks to, they do know that diamonds are a girl’s best friends! You will be able to see next week some other pieces I got from them.

So I wanted to share with you my sick-week’s discoveries : I have become a real movie critic ( I mean when you have to stay in bed most of the time you’ve got only a small range of activities to do : either you do your nails, talk on the phone, blog, or watch movies, either you sleep. Once you’ve done your nails five times, spoken to most of your contact list and done an indoor ”four outfits for four winter parties” post, you have got nothing left than sleep or watch movies. I had enough of sleeping so I started a huge movie session). Since winter has moved in most of the countries ( california people, I hate you ), I think some of you will enjoy some time at home, and nothing is better than a tea latte and some greats films when it is snowing outside. Here are some great movies you should definitely check out. The first one is Woody Allen’s Match Point. I decided to watch it at first because I am huge fan of Scarlett. The story line is incredible,  it shows that so many things are finally out of our control and depend on one simple thing : luck. The main character is tortured between two relationships, one made of wealth and respec, the other of passion and physical attraction. If you guys are fans of W.A you should see this movie, I have seen a lot of his work and this one is, for my taste, the best. Another movie to see is La Môme with Marion Cotillard. This is a biographical movie showing the life of the famous 20th centurie’s french singer Edith Piaf. Watch it just for the incredible talent of Marion to play such a difficult role, this is so worth it.

JEAN : A gift from Tokyo
LIPSTICK : ”Génial” Chanel

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