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4 outfits for 4 winter parties

CHRISTMAS, NEW YEARS’S EVE AND SO ON Instead of freezing my poor sick body outside, in the winter, cold as hell, weather, ( Yes, I am still stuck at home, with a huge cold and tons of pills and various medicines, how fun… The best part of it is that I have to stay alone because my illness is contagious. Great.) I decided to make an indoor outfit. No actually not one, not two, not THREE. But four outfits ( just to show you how much I am bored…) perfect for any winter event coming up a in few weeks. I thought it would be a good idea since it is always so difficult to pick up the correct outfit when it comes about winter dinners out with friends or different christmas parties hanging around the fireplace. These few pictures are for sure a mix of my inspirations for my upcoming season looks. A lot of see through and lace materials, knitwear, burgundy and red shades, faux fur, golden necklaces and so on. Perhaps, these outfits aren’t extravagant enough for New Year’s  Eve, at least they aren’t for me ( Hello, New Year’s Eve, glitters, sparkles, sequins, colours, d-r-a-m-a!).. But I think there are definitely some ideas to pick up. And of course the Vogue, is simply perfect to get some ideas. It is for sure the fashion bible to read.

Also you must be wondering where I got the energy, if I were ( and is still now) sick to shoot four different looks. Well don’t get me wrong, it was a real sacrifice… But the blog always gives me a holly actif push, and I just couldn’t lay another day in my bed. I missed fashion, and got tired of my hello kitty pyjamas and thick puffy socks. But I can tell you that once I was finished with the pictures, I litterally ran to pick up some tissues and to take my cough syrup . So, I hope it was worth it, and that you will enjoy those few pictures, let me know what you think about these series. I think it is a nice idea, and I will perhaps continue making one post with various outfits. Enjoy!

Outfit 1 :
SHOES : Zara
BELT : Zara
LIPSTICK : Vegas Volt M.A.C

Outfit 2 :

SHIRT : Zara
NECKLACE  : A gift from Tokyo

Outfit 3 :
BODY : Vintage
LIPSTICK : M.A.C ”Saint Germain”

Outfit 4 : 
BLOUSE : BCBG Maxazria

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