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A couple of hours with kristina

10AMHeading to the N-bar to get our nails done ( you know how they can get damaged during winter, and you can’t even imagine how less expensive manicure in Dubai is comparing to Switzerland, even the quality is better). Thanks to our friend who booked us a special treatment there and made us discover this amazing and so modern salon. After choosing between a zilion of Essie colors, I finally picked out a tangerine one for the hands ( at first, I didn’t even notice that it matched my outfit, I guess I am an orange lover) and a light pink for the toes. It felt so good to relax a bit after all those parties, airports and rushes. The most crazy part, is that they do your hands and feet at the same time, so you are ready to go in less than an hour with a gorgeous manicure/pedicure done. Unbelievable Dubai.
12AM After this little beauty therapy we were ready for lunch. It’s been days that people were talking to me about this incredible place called ”Zuma”, a restaurant supposed to have the best Asian cuisine in all Dubai. How could I resist? We ordered a brunch menu, with tons of little dishes to try out all together. My critic? It was nice, but wasn’t as good as Nuba ( proffessional career illumination : food critic? joke). The best part of the menu was for me the Miso soup, which was nothing like the classic one and the chocolate dessert, delicious.
3PM We spent hours in Zuma, drinking tea and having snacks so we needed a big digestiv walk after all that food. The restaurant takes place in the ”business center” of Dubai, it has a lot of art galleries, high class restaurants, bars for business meetings, and so on. The backround was incredible and I just had to shoot a few pictures. I had to yes especially because of the bag I had with me, a shopping bag by Chanel that my friend has just bought and thought that it could be nice to see it on my blog. So here it is! And, yes it looks nice, how can a Chanel look bad?

P.S : Have you heard about the fashiolista’s list tool? It has been a while since I have been a member on and each time I get surprised by their new ideas, widgets and tools. This time I wanted to try it out and seems like it turns out pretty well, if you click to see more you will find out this magic list which shows you how to recreate the same outfit as I wear in this post with pieces from other brands that look-a-like.How great is that?

SHOES : Louis Vuitton
SHIRT : Isabel Lu
BRACELET : Topshop
BAG : Chanel

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