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Pictures byJAMES VYN

KAYTURE IS READY FOR 2012! I hope you noticed a little change on my blog, if not look again. James and I have been working so hard lately to make a brand new design for the blog and it seems like it is finally finished! A lot of you wrote me that you really liked the old banner, which was unique. I do agree with you, and I will always love the previous banner since it is the one I started this blog with. It will always have a special meaning to me. But you know, I really needed a little bit of change to start this new year, and it feels great! I am so excited, so many projects are starting to build up, and I am more than planning to work and focus on this blog even more this year than in 2011.
I hope you like these few backstage pictures, we shot them at the A-focus studio where James usually shoots his fashion and beauty projects, if you still haven’t checked out his work, you better do now : Anyway, enjoy these few shots and wait until tomorrow for a brand new Dubai special post!

P.S :  A little project coming through, on the 27th of January Kayture will celebrate it’s first year online! Send me your greeting card, a picture of you with a message for the blog on [email protected] and be sure to find it published in a special post!

BRACELET : Juicy Couture


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