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 BACK IN SWITZERLAND Usually coming back from a trip is always pleasant, but the more I start to travel, the less I want to spend time at home. You know, I am truly getting into this whole travelling thing and I can’t imagine my life whithout new discoveries, new people or new landscapes. This is the type of living I would like, no routin, never only adventures. Of course it is a prifiledged lifestyle, but what is so bad with a little ambiton? I think there is nothing more interesting than discovering a new culture and getting your head full of memories. Therefore I am truly looking forward for my next trip, it’s going to be something really exciting, I won’t tell you more for. It is going to be my little surprise for the nexr post. Allthough as I said coming back home means to me putting my head back into studies, books and maths ( also when you return from a very hot country such as Dubai, it is not always nice to discover icy cold weather ). Also, I simply adore unpacking my luggages. I know it seems weird to say that but actually, I do love it. First of all because there is nothing better that going through your new items bought during the trip. In Dubai I was tempted to buy so many things, however I stayed reasonable ( at least I tried my best…) and picked up a couple of little goodies which you’ll discover in this special post.
I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! Have an awesome friday folks.

Little necklaces bought in Aldo.
How cute are they, I’m sure they will look perfect during summer!
Earrings from Aldo aswell, I tought they looked so Chanel like.

New pair of heels by Steve Madden, my nude obcession tends to surpass my tangerine one.

Best hair products I have ever tried.

New bracelet by Juicy Couture, did you notice that I am wearing it on the pictue of my new banner?

Make-up essentials, a peachy rouge volupté perlé YSL lipstick n°107 and some mac skin finish powder.

 A little present I received for New year, what’s in the box?

Maxi haul!

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