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MAKE-UPI have always loved playing with my make-up products, trying out new shades and having fun with beauty palettes and various eye liners. Since a couple of months I have fallen in love with a make-up that, as you might have notice ( which I am sure you did, since it is the reason why I did the tutorial of it, if you want to have a look a it just scroll down the sidebar and you’ll find it under Kayture vlog’s section) I do everyday. But I find it quiet sad right now to do always the same thing, even if I enjoy it so much. So today I wanted to try something new. I always wear brown colours on my eyes, with a thick eye liner line and a lot of mascara. Also I always use brown bronzing blush because my skin is very light and I need a little bit of colour to look fresh. I wanted this time, to try out a grey silverish shade on my eyes whtout any eye liner and instead of it some glitters on my eye lids. Finally I used some pink blush and lipstick to give my whole look a colour pop. What do you think?

Here are the beaty products I used : Lancôme mascara and eye shadow in ”Day in and Night”, Too Faced glitters in ”Drunk Dial”, Clinic’s pink blush and fair powder, finally Guerlain lipstick in ”Guilette”. You can buy all these amazing beauty products in your local Sephora shop. Enjoy the few pictures and I wish you a lovely Saturday!

DRESS : Zara

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