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FRIDAYSo, this week went really slowly.. Maybe is it because of the fact that I was stuck in bed like a banana because of my cold. Usually I don’t even have time to say ”FREEZE” before the week is over. Anyways my illness routine made my life even more glamourous : I drank chicken soup all day long, stalked 9gag like a crazy old woman and of course got married to my fluffy pyjamas. Traditional sickness habits. I don’t know, but for some reasons this year has been for me full of illness, hopefully I will recharge my batteries during the upcoming hot days. I am thinking about swimming, jogging and doing yoga. Sport is a great method to fight against a weak immune system right?
At least I had the time to make some nice goodies pictures that I hope you guys will enjoy. I won’t show you my medicines this time, it’s a promise. Only the nice things that make me forget that I’m still cuddled in my bedsheets with my nose red like a tomato while writing this. Have a great friday, tomorrow’s the week-end!

New York city ballet, the new collection by O.P.I
I got, thanks to Daria, this amazing light lavender shade called ”care to danse”. So elegant and perfect to go with any outfit.
Some cookied to go with my rosehip tea. Vanilly dough and strawberry fruits.
I’m addicted to this new golden puma ring.
Cool Guava pink candy sheer YSL lipstick, the perfect colour for spring.
A Folli Follie multi-wear ring, being a fan of clovers, I simply couldn’t resist. Love the fact that it is wearable in so many different ways.
Got this baby Dior nailpolish after some purchases at my local beauty shop.
The bible, for my lonely days in bed.
A small Madame by JPG body lotion that I like using as a perfumed hand cream.
Spring eye shadows by Dior, I am in love with the lavender and pink tones. Excited to try them out and of course to show you the result.
Another adorable Folli Follie multi-wear necklace. I got it in the plain while flying off to Tokyo, perfect for my clover jewerly collection.
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