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Vegas volt strikes again

TRICKY WEATHERWell this beautiful sunshine got me, messed up with me. You know, during spring you have to be really carefull, even though it shines outside : it doesn’t mean that you can go out with just a dress on. That’s exactly what I did last week and guess what, I caught a cold. Well done. Of course, nothing tragic but still, I had to stay in bed today because I had terrible aches. So, a little trick from me being a crazy fashion guru : always manage to take a jaket with during spring time promenades if you don’t want to be stuck in bed with a naughty virus in your weak body…Now about the outfit, here are some pictures I shot during the week-end. I was wearing one of my new www.inlovewithfashion.con dress, the print remind for some reason of Miu Miu, those little girly flowers just make me think about it. I decided to play around that cheeky vibe and combined the dress to a blouse from that has this amazing pearl collar. To add a little bit of colour, I picked out a bright orange M.A.C lipstick called ”Vegas Volt”. I am totally crazy about this shade, used it so much during last year and now the tube is almost finished. Finally, as you can see : I have my jacket with hehe. And of course some Mango sunglasses to complete the look. Enjoy the look and be carefull lovelies, don’t mess up with spring weather or it’ll get you aswell!

COLLAR (Blouse) :
SHOES : Steve Madden
LIPSTICK : M.A.C ”Vegas Volt”

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