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Skin care video

VLOGHere it is finally! A lot of you have been asking me about my skin care, what products do I use and how do I do to manage having clear skin. Even though of course luckily we have make-up and photoshop (oh sweet power of artifice), I try to take good care of my skin and that first of all, not with the products I use but especially with my lifestyle. Eating healthy food, sleeping and spending time outside at fresh air will have a huge incidence on the way your skin looks like and as well on how your body does too. However I know how difficult it can be, especially between the age of 14-25 having a flawless skin tone. That’s why good products can really help.

I have heard about the Clinic three step from a lot of people, and it really helped me out with my skin issues. By adapting the three step program to my skin, I beneficiate of a perfect range of skin products perfectly suited to my needs. What is also quite nice about it is that you can buy sample sizes, just to try out the three step and see if it fits your skin type, I know it cost a lot so it’s better to try out before buying the regular sizes which are pricy. Another thing which you should be aware of, is the foundation you use, if you have oily skin try to find an oil free foundation or your skin will get damaged even if you use the right skin care products. For dry skin, don’t make it even dryer with too much powder. If you have any other questions please let me know, it would be a pleasure for me to share with you my personal tips!

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