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Green parc

WEARING PASTELSNot only winter is definitely over, finally and luckily I would say, but we skipped spring and are yet in the middle of summer : not for a long time I am sure, I can already feel the naughty swiss weather swing in a couple of days. My foot is starting to hurt when I sense serious weather changes, no joke. Well, all that is meaning that this week-end was the perfect occasion to wear a summer dress that I got a long while ago from an amazing british brand called Three Floor. They have amazing garments, with very orginal structures and colours all that with a very high fashion edge and are actually releasing their new online shop  and new collectionon the 12th of May, so we must stay updated, how great is that? I found this lemonade dress so cute, with it’s multicoloured skirt : lemon yellow, peach and white with a gorgeous dos-nu. You know what a big fan of dos-nu I am. A huge one. There’s nothing more sexy and subtle at the same time. It was a very calm and relaxing day, my mum and I decided to have a walk in a gorgeous park by the lake and took some pictures while the sun went down. I paired this Three Floor dress to my new Zara white clutch, I love it’s pink gold detailings, to some Windsor earrings that you might have seen in my previous goodies post and finally to my Just Anna Shoes high heels. There’s nothing more incredible that wearing light clothes, no coat, no jacket : just a dress. I love spring.

DRESS : Three Floor
BRACELET : H&M and Wanderlust
HEELS : Just Anna Shoes
EARRINGS : Windsor

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