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Ice creams by the lake

Pictures by JAMES VYN

HOT SUN, DEEP BLUE WATER It is a tradition, as soon as the sun shows up, the best ice cream shop of the region called Venezia opens up to serve us their incredible melting flavours. To me summer always made me think of sorbets, sun screens, bikinis and coconut cocktails. Having my little ice cream in hand is just a sign that the exams are almost here, and therefore close enough to be soon finished and that a new life will begin, a big step in the adulthood. This summer is not like any other, it’s the end of my highschool and the start of new experiences. Yep, and I can see all that in a cone of ice cream, how crazy is that. I’m not the kind of person who gets on a diet when summer approaches, there’s tons of summer desserts that you can’t really have during winter, and during summer you can’t really have winter desserts. You know what I mean? All that simply to make you guys understand that ice creams make me go all thoughtfull and that it’s important to enjoy life at a hundred procent, the ice cream is just my weird way to symbolize it all. So back to the story, that day James and I had some free time between our classes, so we decided to have a little walk by the lake’s port. The water had this incredible aquamarine colour, and the only thing I wanted was to dive in. My outfit was greatly matched as well, in fact I was indeed totally a match. I have chosen to wear that day my new turquoise Style by Marina silk dress with a lot of golden and turquoise jewerly. Finally I paired the dress to my new Zara high heels, I am going crazy over this transparent heel. It feels to me like a real summer outfit, remember when I said we almost skipped spring and went from winter to summer? Well now you know what I was talking about. 

What about you guys, I can imagine that a lot of you also have a lot of work, some exams perhaps or a new job, what does this up coming summer means to you?  Summer sounds always like a new begining to me, even more than new year does. The sun has always given me such a strong and positive energy : I am excited to see what’s next.

DRESS : Style by Marina
HEELS : Zara
WATCH : Michael Kors 
LIPSTICK : YSL ”Orange magic”

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