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Preparing for summer

GET READYWe all have our traditions when it comes about summer, some of us go for some heavy dose of jogging and sport to make those candy-hips gained during winter burn away ( yeah, the advantage of winter is that you can hide your tummy in your cozy sweatshirts which is obviously impossible during summer) or perhaps go to the salarium to get a nice skin glow for the beach. Well, I am not a big sport addict, meaning that I enjoy fitness from time to time but I still prefer laying under the sun like a patatoe, and second I’ve heard solarium was bad for skin. So, I prefer playing around with my jewerly which makes me stay fatty and at the same time I avoids me having skin cancer! Therefore I’m a winner in both cases… If during winter I prefer a more minimalistic style, with almost no jewerly, during summer I take all that I have of bracelets and necklaces out of my drawers. I have always loved playing with bright colours, and shiny accessories. Especially on the beach, with a nice bikini jewerly looks at its best.

Of course I have my own little routines when summer approaches. Here are some of them. As you might have noticed (it’s pretty hard to miss it actually) my skin is very pale and after winter I kind of look like a real zombie. So I always like to use a bit of bronzer and sun glow oils to make my skin look sun kissed. I prefer this option than going to the salarium, tanning creams smell perhaps a bit strange but at least it doesn’t damage your skin. Second, instead of going crazy for musculation I prefer eating more fruits and drinking more water, it’s my own personal after the candy overdose detox. My absolut favourite, is the kiwi. When summer arrives it’s the fruit I get the most addicted to and it’s very good for the skin. Finally, I use a lot of scrubs. If you exfoliate your skin a lot, your skin will tan better and faster and you’ll avoid making stains with your bronzer. These are my little tricks and tips to feel good when it’s time to go for the bathing suit, of course it’s still spring and we have a little while before summer but I always enjoy preparing in advance. What about you guys, what are your tricks?

Rocks Paper Metal frienship bracelet, Zibaearrings.
Clinic Sun screen, Guerlain Aqua Allegoria ” Lys Soleia” scent and Nuxe Huile prodigieuse
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