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Blossom blouse

CASUAL CHIC Yet, first of all I would like to insist on the fact that my keyboard is getting totally nuts and is I think completely broken. So here I am retyping for the third time my first line. That’s cool, that’s great. I usally do a lot of spelling mistakes but this, holy grail, the keyboard went crazy.. Anyways, it’s been such a tough week. I don’t know what about you guys but these exams totaly killed me and all want to do right now is sleep, sleep for hours and hours. I hope it went out well for you, I know that I absolutely struggled during the math essay. There were moments where I tought I was about to burst into tears, but I think this is all due to nerves an stress… Now that’s all far behind us and gotta get ready for the oral exams yet. A lot of speaking and analysing awaiting, but it’s nice and I actually really like it. For the outfit of the day I let you discover the casual combo I wore last week-end in Geneva during a little shopping session. Denim shorts matched to a floral blouse from Minusey and finally bright python inspired Zara high heels. I Think this is kinda the perfect outfit for a relaxing day spent out in town with friends. Okay now I can’t bare it anymore, it’s just horrible writing with this keyboard crisis stuff going on so I shall leave you guys and wish you all a lovely week-end! Promise that next week you can expect a ragular posting! Felt really bad for beeing so absent but the school’s worth the efforts right?

SHIRT  : Minusey

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