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Cocktail hour

Pictures by James Vyn

GOING OUTSo this is for me the perfect outfit for a crazy night of partying, perfect for any special occasion and it might be a really cool pick for your actual proms (at least if you really want to get noticed). Thanks to fashiolista for organising this, here’s a little cocktail hour I have created around the theme ”Cocktail Hour” by choosing among the amazing items available on The Outnet. A great online designer outlet where you guys can find any item from Alexander Want to Jimmy Choo with half the price. The it place on the web, believe me. You guys should absolutely take look and spot your favourite pieces, I am really curious to know! For me, it was for sure this Rare Opulence dress. I felt completely in love with it’s feather skirt and corset top which makes it so sexy and original at the same time. So basically you guys can expect some very cool news on Fashiolista in a couple of days and a little contest where you’ll be able to take part! So make sure to stay updated. I paired this extravagant dress to some gorgeous Navyboot highheels ( thanks to Kristin for the good advices) and some Dannijo earrings from The Outnet aswell.

I have received some days ago a couple of questions concerning the exams I am passing right now and how it works in Switzerland, since you guys are interested I shall clear that up. In Switzerland we spend 3 years in highschool, usually from 15 to 18 years old, depending of what age you started. At the end  of the 3 year we have one month of exams. A total of 14 exams, 7 where we have to write essays, and that in every subject ( english, french, maths, art, germain and so on) and then 7 oral presentations in the same subjects aswell. You have to score a particular amount of grades to pass the year. So this is why I have been a little less present of the blog and why I really neened to work on school. I have a total of 7 exams left, meaning oral presentations, so cross your fingers for me folks!
Hope this little explenation cleared things up!

DRESS : Rare Opulence
EARRINGS : Dannijo
SHOES : Navyboot
NAILPOLISH : Dior ”Beige Safari”

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