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A day in geneva

Pictures by Jade de Lavareille and James Vyn

SPEEDY GONZALESYes I really did feel like a speeding machine the other day, my agenda was full of meetings and though I had to rush all day long it was one of the loveliest day ever. I had the chance to visit a couple of incredible places, to make some beautiful pictures so I can share them with you guys and I am so happy to do so. Well, my day started with a visit of the Pool Garden of the President Wilson hotel in Geneva. This is the kind of place you have to know since in is hidden on the first floor of the hotel, so if nobody tells you that there’s a little oasis out there, you might for sure miss it. So I am kinda doing you a favor right now. The Pool Garden is a place like no one else, it is so intimate and relaxing, at the same time so fun and chill. I had a great time having lunch there and enjoying the amazing pool. The food in incredibly fresh, and the menu is perfect for summer cravings. The spa ”La Mer” seems also worth it, I haven’t tried it out but maybe one day I will be able to give you a sneak peek of the different spa treatments offered and the interior.

After this lovely lunch, thanks to the gorgeous Amélie, I headed to the Rita and Zia’s showroom. As a blogger based in Switzerland, it is my duty to show you folks that we have out here not only chocolates and cheese but also amazing Swiss designers and the creator of Rita and Zia, Sandrine Barabinot, is definitely one of them. I had a big pleasure discovering the new pieces and admiring the incredible and so colourfull bracelets. What I love about them is that you can mix them up, there are so many different colours you can match it to almost any outfit. 

I ended the day with the lovely Jade, who helped me the whole day with pictures and we also prepared for you guys a little surprise which is coming up very soon. All I can say is that it’s a little video. So after this quite busy day, but such a fun one, we went for a litttle tea time in a cozy restaurant with James who joined us.

SHIRT : Zara
SCARF : Heaven’s
PANTS : Guess
HEELS : Just Anna Shoes
JEWERLY : All H&M except the thin silver bracelet
LIPS : YSL Vernis à Lèvres n°12 ”Coral Fauve”
NAILS : O.P.I ”My very first Knockwurst”

Hotel Président Wilson 
Quai Wilson 47,  1211 Genève
022 906 66 66
Pool Garden : First Floor

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