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 INDULGE Beauty isn’t about faking someone you’re not, taking care of yourself by using beauty treatments, make-up and so on is a personal choice. It is a way to embrace who we are by taking time to give some love and care to our body, to make our best assets stand out and simply take pleasure out of life by having fun with colours, frangrances, textures and so on. I use beauty products everyday, not because I feel the need to make myself look better than I am, but to feel clean, fresh, kissable and glowing. Some girls look just wonderfull without anything on, and there are some days when I’d definitely spend the day natural, but there’s something so feminin and pleasant about this beauty routine thatI never want to skip it. I become quite a girly one when it comes to beauty and bath products, I always enjoying discovering new scents and trying out different creams , candles or lipbalms. One thing I’ve been crazy about for many years are lipbalms. I actually collected them and had more than 30 different ones (though after a couple of years they really weren’t usable) and just loved smelling each little pot and admiring the different colours, trying out the flavours. Today, I still have a passion for lipbalms, but not in a crazy way as I did before. I still love trying out new ones, but I try to finish my pot before buying a new one.

So as you may understand this is a goodies post that is basicaly focused on beauty treatments and some of my new discoveries of the week. I hope you guys missd the goodies posts, I know a lot of you did since I got a lot of twitter request. But I’ve noticed that you folks are always more excited when it comes to outfit pictures, so I guess I forgot a bit lately about my beloved goodies. If you guys like discovering my new purchases nd items you can follow me on Instagram (@kristina_bazan) or twitter (@kayture) to get some live updates and discover even more pictures!

‘Terracota eau sous le vent” body mist for sun bathing sessions, H&M sunnies and my favourite Avant Première bracelet.
Some amazing products by Guerlain : The Lotus peeling which is perfect to achieve a better tan, and L’Or face primer for a natural face glow.
The best candle I have ever smelled so far, it really does smell like a vanilla dessert! So delicious, makes me wanna eat it…
Beautiful Germany collection by O.P.I, some funky colours inspired by th latest fashion trends plus the incredible city which is Berlin. Thanks to Daria for those amazing nail polishes ( They will be out in shop middle august)
New computer for travelling, my personal self-gift in honour to my graduation. Must admit I am a bit struggling to figure everything out, so different from PC.
Incredible Vicini shoes from Zalando, they are fabulous yes, but comfortable? No. They. Killed. My. Feet…
Some new Bobbi Brown make-up, lipbalm and ”Nougat” lip gloss.
Gorgeous find at the local H&M, this bracelet looks devine.
My favourite pastel colours from the O.P.I germany collection. From left to right : ”Don’t Pretzel my buttons”, ”My very first Knockwurst”, ”Berlin there done that”
Another little treasure found in H&M, love those flat silver loafers.
Little package I got the other day, filled with tons of gorgeous make-up. Thanks to L’Oréal luxe for all this.
YSL ”Lingerie Pink”, stunning baby pink sexy colour.
The various YSL lipshades I just got in, from the left : ”Pêche Passion”, ”Camel Croisière”, ”Corail Aquatique”, ”Rose Lingerie”
Helena Rubinstein wanted colour duo in majestic grey and feather blue.
And finally an amazing lash queen mascara in a special celebration packaging, makes your lashes 3 times longer than they are.

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