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O.p.i in zurich

CITY CRUSHZürich is definitely one of those cities that makes me feel so good and comfortable. Each time I get the chance to spend a couple of hours, or even better days out there I come up with zillions of ideas of places to see, shops to visit and restaurant do discover. I wish I could live there but I wonder how long I’ll be able to bear Swiss German. Different from simple German, Swiss German is a dialect that only born and raised swiss germain population can understand. The dialect is so complicated it’s kind of a twist between Germain and another weird language, as hard as I tried I never achieved learning it. Though I can tell you, I really wanted to because after all it even is quite charming when someone speaks it. It’s funny because in such a small country such as Switzerland we have a huge mix of different cultures. We have three different parts of the country, the German one ( Zürich, Bern…), French one (Geneva, Lausanne…) and finally Italian ( Lugano, Tessin…) and the thing is that we don’t really like each other. No joke, we constantly criticise each other while we should be all friends, that’s what swiss people should do isn’t it? But it is actually true, those three cultures are quite different, we haven’t got similar mentalities and the various languages created a gap between the population which is pretty sad. Well, I love Zürich people no matter what, they are awesome. 

So the other day I had the opportunity to come back in town for an O.P.I press conference. The brand is releasing in August a whole new nail polish collection dedicated to the crazy city which is Berlin. The collection is made of twelve stunning shades which are inspired by the latest runway fashion trends. Germany by O.P.I is such a cool new edition, and you guys absolutely have to pay attention to the names under the little pots. They always manage to find the craziest names ever, but it adds so much fun and personlity to the laquers. After the presentations I needed some sugar fuel so I went out to fill up my tummy with some chocolates from Vollenweider, one of my favourite spots in Zürich.

Theaterstr. 1  8001 Zürich
043 288 04 04

HEELS : Louis Vuitton
LIPS : YSL, Vernis à Levres ”Camel Croisière”

P.S : In case you are wondering, I did notice the weird scratchy effect on the pictures and will solve it asap. In the meantime it would be amazing if you guys could vote for my contribution for Billabong’s style contest, this would mean the world to me. Just leave a comment on my entry and enjoy the pictures!


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