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Flower print short

Pictures by James Vyn

SECOND DAY IN MONTREUX Doesn’t it looks like I’ve just cut my hair in this very first picture? Well, just to let you know guys I didn’t, guess I am still very attached to my long hair so it is simply hidden in the back. But I absolutely love the effect that the sun produced on my hair, it looks like my roots are lavender and then it makes a sunny degradé in my hair. Quite special isn’t it? So this week-end James and I were away in Davos for a little project, you guys might have got a little preview if you follow me on twitter or instagram. But before showing you the pictures we shot there and before announcing you the cool news, I wanted to share with you those pictures we shot during our stay in Montreux last week. This place is heaven, it feels like I am miles away from home, on holidays in a compelety isolated country while I am actually 40minutes from my place. The weather was more than beautiful, Montreux has the particularity to have quite a different climat than the rest of the country because of it’s geographical position.

I have chosen to wear for the day a new short I just got from ”In Love With Fashion”, I love how it is so delicate yet with this little twist of coulour which adds everything to the outfit. Matched it to a white blazer from Minusey, a Michael Kors wallet and some new Just Anna Shoes jellies, which the kind Anna was so kind to send me. Thank you again for this beautiful gift. I decided to go with a minimalistic look, no jewerly except of the Cartier Love bracelet which I obviously am not taking of since it is quite a special bracelet that requires a whole procedure to take it away. I don’t know what I have with white shades lately, but I have been absolutely obcessing over them. Each time I’m shopping my eye instantly gets attracted to white colours. In need of purity and softness maybe. Enjoy the pictures and see you tomorrow!

BLAZER : Minusey
SHORTS: In Love With Fashion
JELLIES : Just Anna Shoes
WALLET : Michael Kors
LIPS : Bobbi Brown ”Nougat” Lip Gloss
NAILS : Hands Dior ”Beige Safari”, feet O.P.I ”All A-Bordeaux The Sled!”

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