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LET’S TRY SOMETHING DIFFERENTSo I thought that this week instead of my traditional goodies post I’m going to make a little twist and prepare for you guys an instagoodies post (just because I’m lazy as hell and didn’t have time to shoot goodies pictures). But obvisouly I’ve seen a couple of other bloggers do that and I thougth it was really cool and especially for those of you who do not use Instagram. I’ve become addicted to this little application, just because it is so easy to use but also you can share your day with thousands of people and follow the activites of your friends or favourites brands. So, if at first I was kind of like : yeah instagram it’s for hipsters, it’s just a huge buzz that will disapprear in a couple of months (which in fact might happen since Instagram was bought by Facebook). And so, now that I’ve tried it out I can definitely understand why it works so well and has so many addicts. It’s all about sharing guys. So in case you folks don’t use Instagram, I still wanted to share with you some of the pictures I have done these past couple of months. Hope you will like them, and you can of course follow me if you use the application, my name is @kristina_bazan. Wish you a lovely week-end folks and see you on monday for a new post. Enjoy!

 My jewerly drawer, full of little treasures – La Petite Robe Noire fragrance by Guerlain, H&M Sunnies and Chanel purse, just some things that I’ve been using a lot lately
Some new jewerly I just received from Backstage, so excited to try it all out – The Montreux palace, just a stunningly beautiful building if you want my opinion
An awesome breakfast, I had some crunshy cereals with those and it was perfect to start the day off – My feet, Just Anna Shoes Jellies, a duck and the lake.
An after the spa effortless feel – Yves Saint Laurent package I recieved a couple of days ago, filled with beautiful make-up. Thanks again to L’Oréal for these amazing products.
The most amazing lunch at the Yogi Booster Lausanne Palace Spa, it is the best healthy snack bar it the region – Iced Caffée at the Nespresso lounge
Some of my clothing laying on our balcony in Montreux, ready for the outfit of the day shooting session – And the gorgeous view from Montreux as well, heaven on earth.
Rose Lingerie colour by YSL laying in my lingerie. Lingerie inception – Some incredible chocolates from Berlin while waiting at the airport.
About the leave Montreux, wavy hair and white outfit – Sparkling lake.
The most amazing candle I have ever tried out, it smells like paradise, all the good things in one. It’s sweet, yet soft and perfect for my room’s ambiance – Before going out to see Batman, definitely an amazing movie.
One of the best ”Fondant au Chocolat” I have ever eaten. I am hungry again – The Pool Garden at the Président Wilson Hotel in Geneva.
And here’s a part of what was in the YSL package, a lot of lipsticks and mainly coral shades. For the numbers I will let you know in a special  summer lipstick post which is soon going to be published on the blog – Tea time with Ladurée.
Some incredible Guerlain summer products – Apple pie at the LP’S
Cutest dog came accross my way in Montreux, it’s so fluffy – Some of my current favourites, all from Zara.                           
Look who’s on the cover, the magazine was all over town. Quite exciting – New loafers from H&M and a vintage clutch.
Little message we got at our arrival in Gstaad at the Park Hotel – Delicious meal at the Bongéni caffé, salmon filet with mashed patatoes, vegetables and chanterelles.
Some of my office essential, a soft scented candle, a watch, lip balm and my phone – Sneek peak of the Guerlain event held in Geneva a couple of week ago with 15 of my Swiss readers.

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