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Fruity loop

Pictures by James Vyn

FRUITS ON MY BUSTIERWell I’ve seen those Dolce & Gabbana prints all over the stores, on swimwear, pants, blazer, dresses and so on, click here to see the pictures from the runway show. Though at the begining I was sceptic about it, I always find it better to wear the actual authentic print from the brand who actually created it, but then I saw this little buster on Lavish Alice’s online shop and I felt in love. And I mean, it’s half the price. Wait. What am I saying, it is like 10% of the price of the original one. And let’s admit that this isn’t the kind of thing you’ll be wearing everyday. So sorry D&G, but this time I went with the look-a-like version, and my wallet is happy so is my fashion trends cravings. It’s kind of a win win after all. And so I decided to wear this quite exuberant outfit on a day out in Lausanne. Must admit it’s quite dary since most of the people are dressed up with grey shirts and jeans in Switzerland. So there I was walking around like a fruity loop bowl in my little bustier. 

So I kept the outfit for a couple of hours, then I realised that first : the weather wasn’t sunny enough anymore to wear a capeline, and second of all my feet were hurting like hell. So I ended up putting on a comfy sweater I had with me and some flats which I always carry in case a shoe emergency pops up. Always well organised, I can tell you! Also, must admit that I was getting annoyed with the stares my outfit generated, like I was some sort of Oompa Loompa hanging around. I wish we could all dress up like fruits and walk around the town, you’d see giant bananas and strawberries in their cars or doing their groceries. It could be so much fun.

BUSTIER : Lavish Alice
SHOES : Jimmy Choo
SKIRT : Style Sofia
BRACELETS : Green one, Sal Y Limon / Golden one, Avant Première
LIPGLOSS : Nougat ”Bobbi Brown” mixed up with raspberry lipbalm

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