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Pictures by James Vyn

COZY SWEATSHIRT So 1991 has no particular significance for me, I was born in 1993, a part from the fact that my boyfriend and beloved photographer James was born in 1991. I have however always been obcessed with sweatshirts with all kind of numbers on them. I remember when I was a kid, I had a shirt with 1989 written on it, and I was so pround. Didn’t even knew it was the year of the Berlin’s wall fall. So when I got contacted by Wildfox to choose a couple of items, this shirt totally catched my eye. Now, I swear, I wore this shirt for 3 day in a row, the whole week-end plus friday night in front of a movie. Heaven on earth. I really, sincerely didn’t want to take it off. And I am not saying this to promote Wildfox, not at all (tumbs up Wildfox!), no it’s just that it is honestly the most comfortable material I have ever tried on. The inside of the shirt is so comfy and soft, when I wear I just feel like I’m in some kind of cozy cocoon.

Funny fact also, as I was wearing this shirt the other day some random promotion guys were like : hey 1991, would you like to donate 100$ for the penguins in Antartica (not the actual quote of course, but it sounded that way to me though, they always come up with weird donation projects). Anyway, I wanted to create something elegant yet a bit fun with this shirt. My first idea was to wear it with denim shorts and messy hair, but I thought it was too obvious. So I went for this nude skirt, my round vintage sunnies and a bold necklace from H&M which everybody already has. So what, it’s unexpensive and adds a little touch of originality to any look!

SHIRT : Wildfox Couture
HEELS : Jimmy Choo
BAG : Michael Kors
SKIRT : Zara
SUNNIES : Vintage

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