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Jade ii

Pictures by Jade de Lavareille

A DAY IN GENEVA Before showing you guys the rest of the pictures shot during the trip in Berlin, I wanted to make this post with pictures that were shot yesterday afternoon in Geneva. The title of this post doesn’t simply concerns my jade peplum top, but is actually the name of the lovely and talented photographer/cineast called Jade I have met the other day, she is the one who did the pictures this time. I’ve spent the loveliest day : it began with a little package I received from YSL, and from that moment I obviously couldn’t be more happier. I went then for lunch in Geneva to meet another incredible swiss blogger. We had the most delicious lunch at the BG café and enjoyed some Ladurée macarons with coffee and tea ( freaking awesome aswell, level of hapiness increased). Afterwards, I met Jade and we went to discover Heaven’s showroom (nothing holy though the name sounds like I’ve died and found a showroom in paradise). The collection was beautiful and we filmed a really fun video which I am so excited to show you folks. So it was a really fun day, and we ended up making those picture. The weather was great and of course I wore my new Zalando collection top which I really loved as soon as I saw it and of course needed to show you. So it’s all win/win.

Concerning my blogspot issues, as you can see it is ”kinda” solved. And I say kinda because it still isn’t working but I found another solution due to your amazing help. You guys are the best, really. I wish I could give you all a hug and we would have some drinks and laugh about everything. So I ended up uploading my pictures on flickr and pasting the link in my post, that way my pictures are the right size. It’s really too bad that it doesn’t work in blogger anymore. Makes me post editing much, much longer. Darn it.

SHIRT : Zalando collection
SKIRT : Style Sofia
SHOES : Zara
LIPGLOSS : Bobbi Brown ”Nougat”
NAIL POLISH : O.P.I ” Wooden Shoe like to know?”

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