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Second day in berlin

DRAPPED SKIRTI am so angry right now, you can’t even imagine. When I was trying to upload my pictures I noticed that there was a huge issue. I usually resize all my pictures in a program called photoscape : I adjust every single picture’s width to 650px that way they are aligned and fit perfectly to my blog’s template. When I create my post, I simply select ”original size” so that my pictures are as big as possible and fit my presentation. However today, my vertical pictures simply don’t want to adapt to my page allthough the horizontal ones takes their original size as they usually do. The vertical pictures are much smaller than usual though I haven’t changed anything. You guys know, I ‘ve been doing my blog for over a year now and never had this problem. My pictures have always been the right size. So I have tried uploading them in firefox, in safari,on explorer, on my mac, on my pc. And nothing works. I am going crazy and was wondering if you guys had the same problem too?
Now a part of these blogspot issue here is the second outfit I wore in Berlin. Very casual, with a simple gray shirt from Zara and a beautiful drapped skirt from Zalando collection that I am so in love with. I paired this minimalistic outfit to some brown details such as this lovely khaki bag and the brown platform heels. Also a little touch of Rouge by YSL on the lips and ready to go! Hope you guys enjoy this look, it was perfect for a day out in the sun after having a little lunch in our hotel.

If you guys have also picture’s dimension issues with blogspot, let me know. That way we can all fight together!

SHIRT : Zara
SKIRT : Zalando collection
BAG : Jelmoli shop
HEELS : Just Anna Shoes
JEWERLY : Sal Y Limon 
LIPS : YSL ”Rouge Feu”

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