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Davos grischa hotel tour

Pictures by James Vyn

SECOND DAYSohere it is as promised the pictures from the second day in Davos and more precisely a hotel tour. This little journey is a part of our new project with weekend4two and the goal is to share with you guys new destinations and give you a couple of ideas for your own trips. I’ve been amazed by the quality of their food, James and I had the chance to try out a couple of their five restaurants and it was a real pleasure to try out new tastes. A delight! I had a misandventure a few days ago while we were in Montreux, we were walking the whole day and I smashed my feet against a rock (don’t ask me how why I did that, just don’t). So the result I had to wear a bandage for a couple of days and can forget about high heels for the next upcoming weeks. That is the reason why the two last posts were in flat shoes, which obvisouly is surprising isn’t it? But for this little visit of the hotel, nothing was more comfortbale than those Zara sandals, and my new Number-A tie-dye shirt. I paired it with a black pencil skirt and some new jewerly from the amazing Backstage shop. They have the most beautiful jewerly, so simple and minimalistic yet absolutely gorgeous.

Back to the hotel, as I said we were hanging around all day long discovering each time a new restaurant. Here you will be able to discover pictures of the two we visited and don’t forget to check out yesterday’s post to have a sneek peak at the Leonto gourmet restaurant which is on the first floor.
The first one we discovered on our second day at theGrisha hotel with weekend4two was their bar where we enjoyed a club sandwich, some french fries and a delicious seasonal salad , on the evening it is crowded and it seems like it is a popular place in Davos. They have the most amazing cocktails which they serve with little appetizers. The second one we wanted to see was the Golden Dragon chinesse restaurant. We didn’t have the opportunity or the time to taste the food, but saw the plates and it looked amazing. The interior was emblished with little details and pieces of art all in a very modern black atmosphere. We had to leave early to catch our train but I am sure this place looks stunning on the evening. Enjoy the virtual visit guys! I already wish you a lovely week-end since tomorrow there is another project James and I will be working on a new project. You’ll find out soon more about it…

If you want to experience our journey in Davos, feel free to check out the Grischa hotel romantic week-end offer on the weekend4two website by clicking here!

SHIRT : Number-A
JEWERLY : Backstage
CLUTCH : Vintage

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