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Zebra and lys

Pictures by James Vyn

CHATEAU D’OUCHY Among my favourites places in Switzerland, Ouchy is definitely in my top five list. And especially during summer since obviously there isn’t much to do there in winter. James and I spent the loveliest afternoon there the other day, just having a walk, enjoying the sun, the summer, the lake, the food, and simply us beeing together. It’s just awesome, you know that feeling of freedom you have once graduated… So we had our little lunch at the port, a delicious club sandwich at the Chateau d’Ouchy, a beautiful hotel which has the best emplacement since it gives you the most incredible view on the lake ever,  and shot a lot of pictures. I hope this summer will last a little longer than last year, after the crazy winter we had we only deserve endless hotdays that is for sure. And I must admit that this year in Switzerland we are extremely lucky, it isn’t too hot or too windy as it usually is. Simply the perfect weather.

I’ve never really been into zebra prints, never at all actually and always considered it beeing really tacky. However, when I saw this dress I changed my mind. I loved the play between the Lys flowers and the zebra print, both combined together it is simply a really original summer print. So it is either you love it, or hate it. Also one thing that definitely caught my eye is this gorgeous sleeve, that floats gently on your shoulder, thought it was so elegant and different. So I’ve decided to wear this new dress on our afternoon in Ouchy and paired it with some golden details such as this necklace byEfrat Deutsch which I am completely in love with. If you notice, the work of the details is stunning, the shape is soft and feminin and it feels so delicate on the skin. Such as the chain which is so thin and elegant. I have been browsing through Efrat Deutsch’s online shop and each item is so beautiful, it’s the kind of jewerly I believe is perfect for summer. The necklace was the perfect details to add to the outfit.

DRESS : Windsor Store
NECKLACE : Efrat Deutsch
JELLIES : Just Anna Shoes
SUNNIES : Hugo Boss
BAG : Zara
RINGS : Backstage
LIPS : YSL Vernis à Lèvres ”Corail Aquatique”

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