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Denim shirt

Pictures by James Vyn

CASUALI think there’s nothing more elegant than a well styled casual outfit. Simply because beeing ”’casually” dressed up brings this effortless feel yet so natural and elegant while you actually took 1 hour to pick you outfit in the moring. Should I add this bracelet, or bag? Isn’t it going to bee too much? That’s usually me thinking in front of my closet, but you know what the best solution is to think : which clothes will trully make me feel good today, or just pick your eyes closed the garments and let yourself get surprised by the result (I personally don’t advice you to do that, just saying…). When I picked out this outfit the other morning, I just wanted to feel comfortable yet fashionable so, instead of thinking complicated I took my favourite basic pieces out of the closet and my favourite accessories and was so happy with the result. And I can tell you, I am the kind of weird person who is totally influenced by what I wear, if I hate my outfit then I’ll focus on it all day long while when I love it and feel damn good in it, then it’s the partayy.

I wore this casual look in Montreux a couple of days ago, James and I had an amazing time hanging out by the lake. And this outfit was absolutely perfect for this occasion since the weather wasn’t too hot.  Also wanted to try a new hairstyle which I totally did on the go, so unfortunaltely the ones of you who are curious to know how I did it well my only advice would be take your hair and twist it in the most weird way possible, attach the mess with a rubber band and you’re done. Quite cool isn’t it? It’s all about being ”effortless” guys, all about that.

SHORTS : Goodnight Macaroon
SHOES : Zara

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