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Gold on black

Pictures by James Vyn

DRAMATIC WEATHER Summer is definitely gone in Switzerland… Such as my long hair (I know it’s kind of a weird way to announce it to you guys, the weather introduction was just an excuse)! Yep I got two days ago (was it two days ago… loosing completely the notion of what day we are : thanks to holidays) a new hair cut! Yes I did, and you might think ”you’re crazy omagad” but I was actually thinking about it and planning this little change for quite a long time. I simply felt like my hair needed to get a little healthy punch, make them look ”fresh” again and maybe also try out something new. I think it is always nice from time to time to change of hairstyle, new hair new woman, that’s what they say. So you might not be able to actually see the difference in those pictures since I have got a chignon but you can have a look at my new hair style on my instagram (@kristina_bazan) or simply facebook page. It isn’t a drastic difference, simply shorter, more volume and a little more rock and roll chic than before.

So I think it was the perfect decision before the fashion weeks start! James and I are so excited to discover the new collections. We aren’t going in New York this year after all, we will be there next february. However we will definitely be in Paris and Milan this september and I am really looking forward to share the experience with you guys. So this was about my little update, of course I will give you more info closer to the date. Please note that the fashiolista contest for the NYFW is closed and the lovely winner is my friend Jessica Mercedes! So happy for her, it’s going to be a really fun trip. Back to the outfit, this is the typical outfit I usually wear on a date with James. I like to be chic, elegant and sexy at the same time. Those incredible shorts just do it, no need to add a lot of jewerly or bright accessories. Since the weather is cooler, I always have a jacket with me. I have chosen this one from Queens Wardrobe because of it’s absolutely gorgeous golden chain embelishment.

SHIRT : Isabel Lu
SHORTS : In Love With Fashion
JACKET : Queens Wardrobe
RING : Backstage
LIPS : ”Crème de Rose” Dior

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