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Black plac jeans

Pictures by James Vyn

CASUALAs you might know, I am the kind of extremely weird person who wears very few jeans… Always thought that I should work on that since they are so comfortable and actually perfect for any occasion! Especially for travelling it is the perfect choice, it looks cool, sophisticated and modern at the same time. So I decided to wear my black layer skinny jeans from Placwhich are one of the most comfortable pair I have ever tried. Their black colour makes them a timeless classic piece in my wardrobe and of course depending of the way I style it, with some elegant jewerly and bright heels for a special casual event or black blazer for a job interview /meeting, those are perfect for almost everyday. So it’s definitely great to have in your closet at least one pair of super comfortable black skinny jeans, which shape is perfectly suited to your body and makes you look great no matter what. No inspiration? Go ahead with the black skinny jeans and a denim jacket, a perfect combo to rock the day. 

James and I were the other day in Lausanne for dinner and you know what, I juste wanted to stay comfy and warm though I am usually the first one to wear a dress and act all glamourous… I am quite tired (pissed off AND annoyed) of those sick weather swings which we had lately in Switzerland, I mean last week it was around 36 degree outside and right now I am freezing cold if I eat supper on the balcony. Could somebody explain… Since I didn’t really get the time to get used to this new autumn climat I decided to go with the most simple outfit possible, classic but chic at the same time. I picked therefore my Plac Jeans, a Guess blouse from the new collection which I think looks really amazing,  heels just to add a little fashionable touch to the whole look and finally my new Der Liebling necklace from Not A Brand which I am so in love with. It seemed to me like the perfect statement necklace to go with my coral lips, felt the urge to add some colour to this monochromatic look. Not A Brand have got some amazing jewerly pieces, and I can’t wait to show you a bracelet I got from them as well. Enjoy the pictures and see you tomorrow!

BLOUSE : Guess
JEANS : Plac Jeans
NECKLACE : Not A Brand
SHOES : Zara

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