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Simone perele giveaway

Pictures by James Vyn

LINGERIE POST This is quite an unusual article, for the very obviously reason that I have yet never done any lingerie post, simply never had the opportunity to I guess or never thought about it, swimwear of course but yet this is as we all know a little bit different. However I simply couldn’t resist the awesome occasion which showed up, Simone Pérèle, the famous french lingerie label in collaboration with Kayture, doesn’t it sound quite exciting… It does to me. In this post and I am more than excited to show you some of the brand’s gorgeous feminin pieces so you can have look and actually win your own personal lingerie set. How great is that? So showing you some lingerie yes, but giving away an awesome gift too which makes it even more worth it isn’t it. I wanted to focus on the elegance and beauty of the materials and create something very romantic with this gorgeous nude lingerie pieces. Some delicate pictures in a boudoir atmosphere, and I think James and I achieved our goal. I love this little powdered vibe floating in the air, the golden veil, ”Lingerie Pink” lipstick from YSL and this all together feels like the perfect lingerie post combo. 

I have never tried before high waisted panties, but those are more than incredible and look so gorgeous. Nude has always been my favourite colour for lingerie, simply because I think it is the most subtle and beautiful under the clothing since it suggests your own skin. Hate it when you can see colourfull lingerie showing under a shirt… So most of the items I own are in nude or very light beige and this set from Simone Pérèle is typically something I could wear under an evening dress since the panty is great to make the stomach look flat and gorgeous. Very good tip girls.The bra is a classic model, with lace embelishment and a little bow. it is perfect under almost any shirt and makes the bust look thinner and elegant as possible, it is not a push-up as I thought but instead creates a softer look.

You guys have the possibility to win and pick out your own personal set of Simone Pérèle lingerie, all you have to do is :

1. Answer this question : When did Simone Pérèle create her very first bra?
pssst : you can find a clue on
2. Follow Simone Pérèle on facebook
3. Follow my blog on facebook, bloglovin and twitter
4. Leave a comment under this post with your e-mail address and facebook/twitter name

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