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Mary katrantzou for harbour city

Pictures by James Vyn

FLOWER DETAIL It is always quite difficult to stay fashionable under the rain, first of all because you simply just want to cover yourself up in any way possible and second because usually umbrellas aren’t the most fashionable accessories out there, well that’s what I thought and I was wrong. Guess what, the popular for her crazy bold prints designer Mary Katrantzou has teamed up with Hong Kong’s biggest shopping center called Harbour City. She designed this gorgeous, blossom covered, vivid looking, limited edition umbrella to help raise funds for the “The Community Chest of Hong Kong”. Always great when fashion speaks up for a cause isn’t it? As a huge fan of her dresses and obviously prints, I couldn’t be more excited to actually discover this little item and I wasn’t disappointed. I received one  to show especially it to you guys, and so here it is.  It is like walking around under the rain protected by a lovely colorfull japanesse tree. 

So I was waiting for a rainy day to shoot the pictures, and when finally on friday there was a couple of rain drops, James and I rushed outside trying not to miss the occasion. And guess what, once we were ready to shoot and comfortable with the place, the rain stopped. I mean, this never happens on a regular basis,  the rain usually starts when you get out… So yeah, that it the reason why I am walking around like a dumbass with an umbrella while all normal people don’t. Must admit I received a couple of stares, people don’t like people who do weird stuff like walking around with a flowery umbrella and a bold rhinestone necklace which I am by the way crazy about. Not only because it totally reminds me of Lanvin, but because it is the perfect detail. Statement necklaces had such a huge success lately, and it feels like this one is my treasure find. 

Also wanted to say that James and I just got back from Milan! We have spent our week-end in Italy for a project with weekend4two. If you guys follow me on twitter and instagram you already know all that but I am going to start posting the pictures on wednesday and hope you will like it Italy was amazing, I love the language, the people, the food, architecture and of course the shopping which was really fun. Thank you all again for your comments, I read them all and would love to answer to each one of them. See you tomorrow!

SHOES : Navyboot
JEWERLY : Backstage
UMBRELLA : Mary Katrantzou x Harbour City

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