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Angelo galasso at the new york plaza

Pictures by James Vyn

PLAZA While in New York, James and I had the chance to attend a couple of exciting events which were usually held in the most gorgeous places, places I could have never even dreamt of. I mean, we are quite lucky in Switzerland with the gorgeous architecture and the amazing views but in New York it’s like they would say : another level. Everything just seems so luxurious, or is it just me building up a whole fantasy crush over the city just like zillions of people falling for all the myths and stories around it. Oh, it’s been a long time since I am fascinated by the big apple, and the love story began with a very simple little tv spot, you might have heard of it : sex and the city. Does it sounds familiar to you? Not only did I watch all the seasons twice plus both movies (and those ones more than twice actually… and more for the clothing and decors than the storyline honestly… just saying) AND just bought Candace Bushnell’s related books. Just to say how crazy stalker fan addicted I am. Yup.

So when we went to the Angelo Galasso party held at the New York Plaza, I thought I was in a Gossip Girl episode, even though I haven’t even watched the series… But I am talking about glamour, luxury and Penn Bagdley passing right next to me. Yes yes, you have read everything correctly (and know you’re going to google him because of course we all know him with another name, a.k.a Dan Humphrey). So it was definitely the kind of night to remember, both James and I were pleased with the presentation and the beautiful concerto that was given in the middle of a crowded room were we met Victoria, you all know ” La Roue de la Fortune” on TF1? Angelo Galasso’s brand represents a mix of italian chic with some english accents I would say, very ”like a sir” but in a good and elegant way. For the occasion I have decided to wear a Sheinside bandage dress which obvisouly remind me of Hervé Léger but has the advantage to be more affordable, so thumbs up. I thought it was great, and ended up being one of the most comfortable dress I have worn in quite a long time since it really sticks to your body and adapts to your silhouette. Therefore it was the perfect evening for some celebration and dancing.

DRESS : Sheinside
SHOES : Zara
LIPSTICK : YSL Vernis à Lèvres, ”Corail Aquatique”

Well hello hand of James, cheers

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