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Lace and bordeau

Pictures by James Vyn

RUNNING JUST A LITTLE LATEI can’t believe that I still got so many pictures from the NYFW to show you guys, I mean it’s been a week now since I am back and days since the New York fashion week is over but since I got such a bad wi-fi connexion over there I couldn’t post during my stay, darn it. So here I am, article bombing you with pictures taken a little while ago. Hope you don’t mind… I know, I’m not an up-to-date girl… My bad, I’ll do better the next time. So meanwhile, let’s go with the pictures, and believe me, there’s a lot of them left. Oh yes there are, and I am so excited to show it all to you guys. The nyfw was a great experience and a part of the fact that I changed outfit at least 3 times a day (this might actually be the reason why I have so many outfit posts left) James and I really had the time to enjoy the city and do everything we needed to in just a couple of days. Unfortunately we couldn’t stay until the end, meaning the 13th of september since we had an exciting Armani presentation in Switzerland that we simply couldn’t miss. Already got the pictures and can’t wait to show them to you guys.

This was my last day at the Lincoln Center, I decided to go for a long bordeau skirt, a lace shirt and my beloved vintage Chanel bag. I realise now that this skirt makes me look like I am pregnant of a 8 months child, but it adds a little… originality to the look… I guess. I don’t want to sound cocky or anything but, holly smoke I find it always so difficult to choose the right outfit during fashion week. It’s not like going out with your friends or anything like that. You just know there’s going to be some heavy streetstyle photographers rush and that you gotta look flawless, or at least try to (good thing I had my 8 months child under the skirt to support me with all this pressure right, a.k.a froyo ovedose at the pinkberry). So I end up changing clothes a zillion of times and finaly go out pissed off cause running late with an outfit I am not 100% sure about. But the thing is : have to rock it anyway.  Fashion week delights… love them.

SKIRT : Romwe
BAG : Chanel
SHOES : Zara
LIPS : ”Diva” by M.A.C

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