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FLASHBACKS OF THE PAST COUPLE OF WEEKSI have become, since I got my new phone, way too addicted and though it might sound like the obvious thing to say I really do mean that I spend to much time on my phone (we should all get a good oldy unbreakable, with a 48hour battery Nokia shouldn’t we? drop it apple). Between, instagram, twitter, facebook, e-mails, what’s app and of course my beloved 9gag app which I am a little to crazy about, my battery is dead after only a couple of hours… And now when I remember the times when as a kid you don’t have all those gadgets and spend much more time outside, in the ”real world” instead of letting know everybody that you are actually eating a sandwish at starbucks right now through the internet. However, nowadays I can’t imagine myself living without all those things. What about you, do you guys feel the same way? I mean a lot of people complain that our generation is all about social networks, it’s all about staying ”connected” and that might be also the reason why blogs are working so well, we all love to see what’s going on the other corner of the world, but I think we should also be gratefull and use all this for our best.

I have always been fascinated by the new technologies and I think we are so lucky to be able to use all those amazing tools at our disposition. Now we all have the opportunity to share our opinions on the internet, the web is the best place to show a little bit of what we got, there are so many possibilites. I think it’s quite incredible. Social networks for the win! I hope you guys will enjoy this post full of pictures made the last couple of weeks, clothing, make-up, and food food food. Have a great week-end and see you all on monday for pictures from New York!

Fresh pasta at l’Accademia, the perfect summer dinner with my James / New purchases from Zara, ,absolutely incredible pieces I took to New York
New foundation ”Parure de Lumière” by Guerlain arrived in my mailbox / The most incredible Latte I have ever tried at la Réserve in Geneva
Feature on, the sexy blogger list so happy and honoured to be a part of it /  The new ”Ambre des Merveille” perfume by Hermès, one of the most incredible scents I have ever tried, so warm and sensual : perfect for autumn and winter
On a rainy day in the car, definitely feels like autumn in Switzerland / Avocado mousse on parmesan crust and smashed shrimp, lunch at Hotel D’Angleterre
The most incredible Vitello Tonnato in town, I am hugry once again / Backstage filming at the Zalando apartment
Late night snack with James, I am crazy about Mr. Tom peanut candies, it’s way to good / At the Zalando blogger appartmenet, picture shot by Jessica Mercedes
The best tip for gorgeous skin . rose water as face tonic twice a day / Gift bag from Zalando
Two new face exfoliants, one from Nuxe and the other one from Kiehl’s for a beauty treatment sunday / Fruits and macarons and the Zalando appartment
Trying out a Ralph Lauren collection gown at RL HQ for a very special occasion… Surprise surprise
Little souvenir picture from the Zalando blogger apartment in Berlin / Breakfast at Mani hotel
Macarons heaven / The outfit I wore in Berlin, love the lace top, so delicate and feminin…
Lovely necklace from Not A Brand, matches quite well my lipstick doesn’t it? / Nude nails for the win, love this colour called ”inattendu” by Chanel
Before and after the haircut
Spritz apero and orange juice with my mom in Geneva / Heavenly beautiful places James and I spotted in town
At the Président Wilson hotel’s Poolgarden enjoying the last bits of sun / Summer salad in Geneva with James
I kind of want to swin in all this chocolate / My favourite perfume which I actually wear for almost three years now : Dior Hypnotic Poison
New haircut : checked / Antipasti buffet in Lausanne
With the girls in Berlin, Josie Loves and Jessica Mercedes / Candy decoration all over the place
Thanks to Hermès Paris for this incredible rose bracelet, it’s is more than beautiful / My guilty pleasure, macarons, macarons all the time
Gramma tip :  put your legs in the air for 10 minutes everyday to improve your blood circulation and enhance your leg’s skin tone / My favourite breakfast, berries and cereals : a lot energy for the whole day
The blogger apartment with Trine and Jessica
Cocktails and snacks at Capocaccia in Geneva, I am crazy about the dai dai chocolate cubes / Gift bag full of L’Occitane products from the upcoming collection
My traditional morning, coffee, magazines and blog check up / Little sneak peek inside my camera
Checked in at the Mani hotel / Make-up and sweets in Berlin
My outfit on a hot saturday evening, Just Anna Shoes sandals, Chanel bag and Hermès collier de chien bracelet / Shower gel samples from the body shop, perfect for travel
Old glamous, Péridot nailpolish and big Aldo earrings / Gift bag from L’Oréal Luxe : YSL, Helena Rubinstein and of course Biotherm, thanks again for all those incredible products.
In the car, after landing in Berlin / Dinner at the Transit with the lovely Siri from Zalando
My body cream crush from Laura Mercier, smells like my favourite dessert : lemon curd / Summer berries
Love my new trench coat from H&M, so simple and chic / Bought new roses for my room, these are so beautiful
Reading Harry Potter and enjoying a sweet breakfast, the best part of the day / New feature in Elle Girl and bracelets from Ettika

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