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New york fashion week – day i

Pictures by James Vyn

BIG APPLEWell, being back in one of the most incredible city of all time was definitely something. James and I were more than excited to be in New York, hang around in the city, meet some friends and of course attend the fashion week and the various events organised next to it. We were stying right next to the Lincoln Center that way we were sure to be close to everything, the shows and the shops (and by the way a Pinkberry which is always a good thing, had the chance during this trip to try out my very first frozen yoghurt and I think a huge love story just began : so basically either I will try to open a FroYo shop here in Geneva or try to make my own home made one, though I am not so sure about this second option since somebody will die after trying it). The weather was incredible, I didn’t expect it to be so hot outsite. If only I knew… Would have had MUCH more place in my lagguages which were filled up with coats and boots. However those were quite usefull afterall, especially since people in the US are deeply in love with air conditioners, the result : I got sick after a dinner at a restaurant where I swear it was like 15 degree. 

One thing for sure, the street style photographers were very motivated this season, it was shooting non-stop. Before and after the show you could see common faces such as bloggers, celebrities or it-girls : a lot of inspiration around that is for sure and such good models for the pictures. I will show you a sneak peek of all that in my next posts of course. Here’s just a quick update with the first outfit I wore before going to change at my hotel room for the Hervé Léger fashion show, which was by the way absolutely divine. Since James and I were rushing from one place to another, trying to catch a cab, go to a meeting, or just walk around trying to find a shop/coffee I though it could be good to have two different pair of shoes with me. One for the walk : the Zara booties, and the other one for the pose : the Jimmy Choo Anouk (12cm, without platform it’s quite killing). Always very important to keep some flat shoes while out in NY, which could be carried by a dedicaded and loyal boyfriend (well I mean, boots don’t fit in a clutch right).

DRESS : Topshop
JACKET : Minusey
NECKLACE : Rocks Paper Metal
SHOES : Zara / Jimmy Choo
CLUTCH : Vintage

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