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Guerlain christmas look

Pictures by James Vyn

BEAUTY POSTOkay, it might be a little early to talk about chrismas beauty but it turns out that I received a couple of days ago the most exciting package : Guerlain’s upcoming christmas beauty collection. And there I was, opening the glossy boxes with my eyes sparkling of joy and fascination. You might know that I have been amazed by Guerlain for a while now. And it isn’t only for their beautiful packaging and undeniably amazing product quality but also and above all for the whole spirit and story of the brand, it’s tradition and how timeless and classic Guerlain became in the world of make-up, perfume and skin care. In my opinion, it is one of the most gorgeous beauty brand on the market and I am always more than excited to discover their new products. Each time I am impressed and never disappointed by what I see or try which is I belive the most amazing thing a brand can actually do : bring a magical feeling each time a woman opens up her lipstick box. It just has always been so fascinating to me. 

I decided to create my own interpretation of the Guerlain Chrismas look by usuing their new set of products. Some of you who are quite common with the brand might have heard about their famous perfume : Liu. Well the whole collection turns around this very particular fragrance. It’s all about gold, feminity, shimmer, glamour and is also inspired by Asia, it’s oriental culture and beauty. First of all, I have used on my skin Guerlain’sfoundation ”Parure de Lumière” in the shade beige claire. It is a creamy yet so natural coverage perfect for any type of skin. I used the ”Météorites Wulong” pressed powder from the new collection to fix my make-up and added some bronzer on the cheeks in order to bring a little bit of contrast. After applying a base on my eye lid, I used, from the new Guerlain christmas eye palette ”Turandot”, a light golden shade on the whole lid and draw a half circle right above with a darker brown colour to make my eyes pop. A touch of eye liner and mascara and the eyes are ready. Finally, to finish the look I have used Guerlain’s new ”Rouge Automatic” shade 760 called Lou-Ling, it is the most gorgeous plum shade embelished by thousands of golden shimmers. Enjoy the look!


DRESS : Windsor Store
NECKLACES : Karen London, Zara, Forever 21

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