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GLAMOURWell, I must admit that I have yet again really missed the goodies posts. James and I have been away for quite a while because of fashion weeks which was really exciting but we were also very happy to be back home where a lot of amazing gifts were waiting. And above all where the comfy, cozy, well known bed was waiting me. So first thing : I had to plan a couple of days of pure cocooning. Meaning, pyjamas,  watching ”New Girl” in bed, hair masks, nail polishes, cookies, teas… A lot of comforting things. This was my little pleasure moments, and oh my goodness… You can’t even imagine how good it felt. So yes, I needed some time for myself before picking up my camera and opening my email box back again, always remember guys : sometimes nothing is more important than taking some time off to cool down and just be lazy at home. It’s a great way to get those brain batteries back on track and fully loaded. 

So this goodies post is all about glamourous things. I am talking about make-up products, jewerly, perfumes and all those girly little things. My perfume collection has really grown up since a couple of months. My favourite brands have released some absolutely amazig scents and  the result is that each morning, I need a moment to decide which one I am going to wear and I ask myself all those questions that I have never actually asked myself before like : pick a bottle that fits your outfit or pick a fragrance that is appropriate with the event or job you will be doing/going to today. Usually I wake up and use my usual perfume and that’s it. It’s always dangerous when fall and especially winter shows up, you can see in the mall all those shiny gift boxes of perfume, you the know the ones with the little creams or soaps in it and you just want to get them all. Dangerous things…

Silver earrings, some pretty little things that have brighten my outfits lately
Since I discovered this perfume, I have been absolutely amazed by it. It is light, delicate, soft and at the same time so fresh. Some memories from my childhood pop up in my head when I put it on, and I love it when a perfume makes me feel that way
The new James Bond collection by O.P.I is more than glamourous, all those sparkles and bright colours : get ready to feel like a diva. Here are two gorgeous shades, ”The Living Daylight” and ”Goldeneye”
A whole lot of chubby sticks : love the name and the concept. Those Clinique chubby sticks come in such a wide range of colours and look so natural on the lips, it’s a must for a daily wear.
Since I discovered Burt’s Bees a couple of days ago, I have been absolutely loving it. Great point is that it is all natural, and I love the traditional packaging. After fashion week season, this is exactly something I need. Cocooning time!
A big thank you to maison Piaget for this gorgeous leather notebook, will make sure to write down there all my brilliant ideas.
The new Miss Dior perfume is even better than the Chérie don’t you think so? Much more intense with a strong and vibrant feel, definitely my crush for the fall season.
The new L’Occitane products have arrived in my mail box, love the bright colours and the festiv fragrances. These are the perfect gifts for friends and family.
A miniature version of  ”La Petite Robe Noire” by Guerlain. Have been lately so in love with the brand, they have the most amazing packaging and above all product quality. For those of you who still haven’t try this scent : run.
Thanks to Glossybox for sending out a little pink parcel over my little home in Switzerland, loved all the luxury samples.
One of the most fascinating perfume in history : Shalimar. This special edition called ”Ode à la Vanille” is made for the gourmand, warm scents lovers like I am. It is sweet and deep and the same time, and so elegant in it’s royal blue box. You won’t even want to use it, just keep it and look at it night and day.
A gorgeous Lulu Frost necklace I am more than excited to wear, spotted it on Caratime and am absolutely obcessed with it. The statement necklace of the week.

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