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Musee jeu de paume

Pictures by James Vyn

PARISIAN SUNSET Yes, we managed to do it… We missed the show I have been waiting for since the beginning of the month : Hermès. But you know, that’s what they say : the more you expect something, the more chances there are that it all gets messed up and turns wrong. Or maybe I just came up with this whole theory… Of course, James and I as we are : swiss folks, always on time and serious, we were so disappointed and couldn’t believe we have actually missed the Hermès show of only a couple of minutes. We arrived at Jeu de Paume as planned but the big problems are ; the taxis, the cars, the traffic jam. It is driving most of the people crazy over here and I can tell you, I have fallen in love with the Metro. It is the greatest thing men have ever invented. Sadly we thought taking a cab to go to the show would be much easier and faster but in fact, it wasn’t. So even if we missed Hermès, our beloved friend Yvonne invited us the next day to the Hermès showroom where we could see all the pieces from the show anyway which was absolutely fantastic. I will of course share it with you guys and I am sure you’ll love the new collection as much as I did. 

For the outfit of the day I have chosen a very feminin and chic look, inspired by Paris and especially my mood at the moment. I have been going crazy over this coat that I just got thanks to Zalando, it keeps me so warm and I believe it is so classy at the same time. Looks like the perfect boyfriend coat ever found. And yes, I am also fond of this gorgeous statement necklace from Zara, I think I wore it almost every single day. It just looks so bold and great with any outfit that I feel the need to actually wear it as much as possible. So after doing our pictures, James and I decided to go and cheer up. We went for a food marathon : first stop the Angelina to have one of their best hot chocolates. Then ”La Cure Gourmande” to grab my favourite cookies. We ended the day at hotel Costes where we enjoyed some delicious cocktails and had a lovely night.

DRESS : Omnitrade Fashion
COAT : Zalando Collection
CLUTCH : Vintage

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