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All a-bordeau

Pictures by James Vyn

SECOND DAY AT PARIS FASHION WEEKI believe this was our busiest day of our whole stay in Paris, knowing that these pictures have been made the same day as the Kenzo articles you guys might have read on tuesday. So a part of the four times a day outfit change (no joke), James and I had the chance to visit a bunch of showrooms, meet tons of amazing people, shoot pictures for News & Style by Zalando, see the new collections and above all enjoy Paris! We took those pictures before the Céline show, the context was so beautiful and the Alice and Olivia showroom was just a couple of doors away. Lately I have been really into hats as you might have noticed… Yep, I’ve become a real hat lady. It’s better than a cat lady isn’t it? I think it is just the perfect accessory for fall and winter. Also you must have noticed my addiction for this necklace, I love it so much. It simply seems to go with everything. And you know what, I am the kind of person who gets really attached to some particular accessory pieces, could wear my favourite ones all the time. 

For my second outfit, I have decided to go for a whole Zalando Collection look since I have completely fallen in love with this dress, which is by the way so comfortable you can’t even imagine. Kept me warm the whole day, didn’t even need a coat or anything. Also the boots were great, because of the high platform my feet had a little rest. Funny fact : you guys might notice that I am wearing two bags. Well, I am not trying to set a new trend (though it seemed like my outfit made the streetstyle photographers quite enthusiastic which is so awesome) but during fashion weeks I usally carry lots of stuff with me so even if the green Tory Burch bag was supposed to go with my look, James was already helping me out with a huge bag and I though it was easier to keep my Vuitton with me during the day. Yep, finaly it made a very bling effect. Hope you will enjoy these new pictures, let me know what you think about the Alice and Olivia showroom pieces, doen’t it all look so gorgeous?

DRESS / HAT / SHOES : Zalando Collection
BAGS : Tory Burch and Louis Vuitton

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