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Milano by night

Pictures by James Vyn

DENTELLE AND LEATHER James and I realised a couple of days ago while in Milan that we have actually never did a shooting by night. And afterall, outfit of the day, outfit of the night… What is the big difference? It is even more interesting in my opinion since we don’t do that a lot. So, we didn’t stay that long Italy, as you might know we just went to the country of Pizza and Gelato for the Dolce & Gabbana fashion show but since we’re two little speedy gonzales trying to do as much as possible during our trips, we absolutely had to hang out in Milan until late at night. And it was great. We were just walking and admiring the gorgeous city embelished by all the bright lights. James and I have planned a little restaurant date at the Armani Nobu, one of my favourite restaurant, and I had to wear something romantic yet classy for the occasion. After a delicious dinner, we decided to improvise a little shooting session which I believe turned out quite well since it looks different from what you usually see on the blog. Makes me excited!

Hope you will enjoy those pictures, James and I really loved them and we tought that we might do this kind of shooting from time to time simply to show you guys some of my favourite outfits for a night out. We came back from Paris a couple of days ago and I can’t even tell you how happy I am to enjoy some time at home. The month of september has been really busy with a lot of exciting trips. I really enjoyed every bit of all the fashion weeks we attended but you know how good it is to also lay in bed, have a bowl of cereals and just enjoy your cozy pyjamas. I craved that for a while and now I am finally able to enjoy each second of it! More pictures from Paris will be coming soon and you can also expect a really interesting article on friday….

DRESS : Three Floor
BOOTS : Zara
BAG : Tory Burch
JACKET : Minusey

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