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On-the-go outfit

Pictures by James Vyn

BOYFRIEND COAT James and I spent, a couple of days ago, an afternoon at the hotel Président Wilson in order to shoot a very special campaign I have been talking to you about for a while now on my twitter and I have finally made the pre-official announcement yesterday : I will be releasing my new KAYTURE bag at the end of october with the brand Fab Accessories. How exciting is that? You guys will be able to find out more about the project tomorrow on the blog, feel free however to have a look already at the first picture out of the shoot we did at the restaurant L’Arabesque on my facebook page by following this link. The hotel where we shot has got the most amazing interior design, the space is arranged in order to bring the best comfort possible an each of their various restaurants has it’s own personal spirit which translates through the ambiance, the light, the colours and obviously the decorativ details. For the shooting we have chosen something quite glamourous, so hopefully you will like it: James and I have put our hearts and souls in this project and we really want you to enjoy and share this experience with us.

For the occasion I picked out a comfy yet fashionable outfit to go out with, since this wasn’t the actual look for the shooting I wanted to make sure to stay warm : the winter arrived indeed in Switzerland. Not so long ago, I feel like it was still summer. Must admit that I have some difficulties to adapt to these constant changes of weather. Never really know how to dress up. Here I’ve decided to take out of my closet this knit hat which is so incredibly warm and comfy, and I think it looks quite cool as well, or isn’t just me thinking that way and I look like a… weird lady with a weird hat? Also, I’m wearing here a great t-shit from Buy Levard, a very nice online shop if you are looking for a couple of updates in your closet. I absolutely loved this top because of it’s design simplicity, basic cut and the black and white contrast which is so easy to wear and style. It’s comfortable and perfect for any occasion. In order to add a little punch to the look, I matched some silver accessories : and voilà! This is typically the kind of outfit I’ve been wearing all the time lately, with the long gray boyfriend coat and the boots. Warm and elegance is the key for fall and winter.

SHIRT : Buy Levard
SKIRT : Style Sofia
BRACELET : Juicy Couture
WALLET : Michael Kors
NECKLACE : Rocks Paper Metal
COAT / BOOTS : Zalando Collection

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