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Red is fab – the kayture bag

Pictures by James Vyn

EXCITING NEWSWell, I must say that I have been really looking forward to talk to you guys a little bit more about this exciting project I have been working on since a little while with Fab Accessories. I’ve had the great opportunity to design an exclusive model of bag for them : the Kayture bag which will be released by the end of October. For the occasion, we are throwing an awesome event at the Jelmoli in Zürich on the 24th of October, from 6 to 10pm : all of you are of course invited and you can bring all your friends with as well if you want to, you guys will be able to enjoy a glass of champagn, some red macarons, strawberry tart bites, spend a lovely evening with James and I and of course above all discover the bag! We will be there during the whole evening so feel free to join us anytime, it means so much to us to have your support and hopefully you’ll enjoy the Kayture bag as much as I do! If you are coming, you can RSVP by sending me a quick note :

The conception of the bag was made quite quickly, I’ve had the possibility to choose among the already made Fab bag designs available, picked out my favourite leather, the metal details and the concept around it. I thought this bag was really awesome since it has a very simple shape and structure yet can fit a lot of items in it : it’s casual but if you like to play around then you can definitely use it on the evening as well. It’s really a multi-purpose bag, which I believe is nice for daily life and has got this little special touch since it is made of red wash leather : the trend colour of this upcoming fall/winter. Hopefully you’ll be able to match it to various festiv outfits! The bag isn’t on sale yet but of course, I will keep yo updated with all the news needed. I am already an addict : wearing it all the time though I really wanted to stay very mysterious about it for the moment. But I obviously couldn’t resist, and I mean who would if you get the occasion to create something so personal. Enjoy this first part of pictures James and I shot at the Lausanne Palace, thanks to their amazing team for the warm welcome. The campaign is already done and you can have a look at it on my facebook page right here.

SHIRT : Zara
JEANS : Plac
BAG : Kayture for Fab Accessories
BRACELETS : Sal Y Limon, Avant Première, Backstage
SHOES : Carmen Steffens

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