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One day in zurich

Pictures by James Vyn

BOYFRIEND JEANSYou might know if you have been reading the blog for a while now that I am not a huge fan of jeans (I really couldn’t explain why, it’s just that my heart belongs to skirts and dresses like some people’s heart belongs to cheese than chocolate, who knows why) but from time to time, and usually after seing a very inspirational picture, I decide to take my favourite boyfriend jeans out of the closet and dress up like I never usually do. And I love this feeling, it’s so different. It’s like, some people always wear jeans and it feels special to be wearing a skirt for example : you feel like a new person or like everybody is starring at you thinking : something is wrong with that girl’s outfit… It’s all in your head. So yeah, I basically had that feeling the other day while James and I were in Zürich for a couple of meetings. We began our day at the Schillers brasserie with the lovely designer from Avinas jewerly, then headed for a coffee at Metropol Café with the gorgeous Simone from Guerlain.

Though I still feel like jeans aren’t for me, I actually really enjoyed this outfit during the whole day. It felt really comfortable and perfect regarding the weather : it was indeed surprisingly hot in Switzerland! It’s absolutely insane, the other day we were down to 10 degrees and now it’s up to 25… Call it a weather swing! I love Zürich so bad, just love the atmosphere, the energy and I am thrilled to be coming more often. I will be back with James on wednesday for a very special event : the launch of my KAYTURE bag at Jelmoli from 6 to 10pm and I really hope to see you all guys there since it’s an open event, everybody can show up so bring your friends, your uncles and grand parents, dogs and so on (joking, don’t bring your uncle)! We are excited to meet and greet you! Also in a couple of days, more precisely on the 28th of october (just so you know… in case you’d like to send me some virtual flowers or something hehe ) it’s my birthday! I can’t believe I will be turning 19, argh. Well, there’s a lot of fun things planned for the upcoming weeks and I am looking forward to share it all with you guys.

BOOTS / HAT : Zara
JACKET : Minusey
TOP : Mango
NECKLACE : Edenborough Evans via Not A Brand

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