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Golden day at the park hyatt

Pictures by James Vyn

SECOND DAY IN ZURICHJames and I had the most warm welcome during our stay in Zürich at the Park Hyatt hotel in the heart of the city : close to the Paradeplatz, it seems to be the perfect spot in town with an incredible restaurant and lovely bar. We had the chance to enjoy our stay there and discover the hotel a little bit better. So after a day of running from one place to another, we enjoyed an incredible dinner followed by cocktails at their Onyx lounge where I had the most delicious watermelon drink ever in my life. Simply stunning, it was a great night and we were more than gratefull for this beautfiul lifestyle experience. James and I really appreciated Park Hyatt’s spirit, the team’s symphaty and dedication : either than just sticking to luxury, they bring something different to their world, not only a much more modern aspect but also the discovery part too. We’ve enjoyed every bit of our stay, from the breakfast in the room ( succulent poached eggs and bacon for James, fruits and cereals for me) to the lunch and supper : it was a blast.

I started the day with this gorgeous new Zara pencil leather skirt, which by the way I am so in love with, to an accent hat and some bold golden jewerly. Finally ended up changing for jeans since it got much colder during the day. James and I had a big pleasure attending a press conference at the Gant showroom in Zürich with two other lovely swiss bloggers. James found himself a gorgeous shirt and I loved discovering the beautiful history of the brand Gant : the whole spirit behing it is amazing. The main spirit goes around the american student style, with bold colours and college logos. As a matter of fact, students and proffessors of Yale were the actual first customers of the brand : quite impressiv isn’t it? As you can imagine this isn’t obvisously the brand that would instantly fit to my feminin and structured style, yet I loved the fact that they have stayed so true to themselfes and have been so creative with their various designs. They’ve kept their original spirit throughout the years and I find it quite admirable. We have spend a lovely day in Zürich and can’t wait to be back on wednesday to see you guys!

Don’t forget to come and meet James and I on the 24th of october at the Jelmoli in Zürich from 6 to 10pm, we will be expecting you with champagne, macarons and of course the new KAYTURE bag created for Fab. Accessories



SHOES : Fabi 
JEWERLY : Avant Première, Minusey, Backstage
SHIRT : Romwe

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