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Stylight day part ii

Pictures by James Vyn

SHOOTING TIME This article follows the previous one, so if you guys remember James and I have spent our saturday with the lovely Stylight team and enjoyed a really fun schedule. After a long breakfast followed by a presentation and various showroom visits with all the bloggers who were invited to take part in the experience, it was time to go to the mysterious Stylight shooting. We didn’t know much about how it was going to be until we arrived : instead of standing we had to lay down on the floor surrounded by hearts made of clothing stacks. I had a little sneak peek of the results and it looks like it is really promising and quite awesome! When we arrived at the studio, we enjoyed a pleasant lunch before getting pampered. We got our hair and nails done by the lovely Pony Club team who made us look gorgeous. Then make-up time, just a little refresh up before shooting. Once again, everything was so well organised : James and I enjoyed every single little bit of this whole experience and we can’t wait to see the pictures. 

On the same day I had an interview and mini shooting planned with the lovely Fan-Ning from VOGUE tawain, she was kind enough to come to our shooting location in order to ask a couple of question about the blog and it’s evolution. We had the opportunity to sit down, relax and simply chat. The interview will be available on Vogue.TW during the month of november and I will for sure keep you updated with the news. After all that, James and I decided to explore the place and decided to snap a couple of shots in a very modern room of the studio : all white with just a couple of old chairs in the corners. Our plans for the night consisted in a cozy dinner at the Heart private club in the center of Munich which I will  make sure to talk to you about in tomorrow’s post. Thanks again to all the Stylight team for this amazing day, everything was so much fun!

DRESS : Minusey
BOOTS : Zalando Collection
NECKLACE : Lulu Frost

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