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Stylight day part i

Pictures by James Vyn

PURPLE DAY IN MUNICH You guys might have noticed that James and I were gone for a while (if  not then I am telling you, we’ve been running all over the place, that’s a fact). We actually had the chance to work on  many exciting project lately and I amlooking forward to talk to you a little bit more about everything. Not to mention that there are so many pictures awaiting : looks like I’ll spend hours in front of my computer to get it all ready. Can’t wait. So, if you are following me on twitter, facebookor even instagram (@kristina_bazan) you must have seen that right after the launch of my Kayture bag at the Jelmoli in Zürich (the article is by the way coming out in a couple of days), we left for Germany and more precisely Munich for a very interesting and promising project in partnership with Stylight. So let me first of all talk to you about the company, so that it doesn’t come out of the blue. Stylight was launched a couple of years ago by a couple of guys, some close friends who now became business partners and who seemed to have found a very interesting online fashion concept : a way to make your online shopping much easier by creating a search engine which helps finding the exact product you’ve been wanting to buy online. With time, they developped the idea, made changes and improvements. Today their team counts around 50 people and is incredibly motivated and dedicated. They have selected some blogger to come in Munich, discover their upcoming project and above all enjoy the fascinating Stylight experience. 

Many things caught my attention during this journey, and first of all it must have been the amazing, even quite magical atmosphere floatting in the air. Everything was planned and organised from A to Z. We indeed had an exciting schedule and were more than looking forward to see everything. So, from the colour of the cupcakes we could enjoy during breakfast, to the goodies bag we’ve received : everything was so well thought and done. It all really started with a breakfast at the Stylight offices on saturday: very important fact to mention absolutely, I’ve tried that day the most amazing pancakes ever. Thumbs up, they were fluffy like nothing else. Once finished we could listen to Benjamin, co-founder of Stylight, talking to us about their new product which will be launched in a couple of months. Since the goal was to get some feedback, they made us try out the idea which consist in creating an online moodboard : we felt like falling back into childhood and enjoyed creating our own Stylight Moodboard on blanc canvas. After that little amusement, time to discover the German brand Holy Ghost created by three young and talented girlfriends. With incredible materials and sophisticated cuts, the brand seemed like having years of experience in fashion industry. Afterthat we all headed to the Talbot Runhof showroom where we had the opportunity to meet the designers and their lovely dog Cooper. They introduced us to their new collection, which they also showed during Paris Fashion Week, and I was more than impressed by all the glamour. A mix of  Lady Gaga, Anna Dello Russo, Grace Kelly and you’ve got the Runhof mix. It’s all about playing with originality and bright textures to create an glamourous yet so elegant look. Enjoy those shots and see you tomorrow for part two!


DRESS : Minusey
SHOES : Zalando Collection
BAG : Michael Kors

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