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Arrival in mexico city

Pictures by James vyn

AIARIBAWhen James and I knew that our next destination was going to be Mexico city, I can’t even tell you how excited we got. First of all because one of the most influent mexican brands : Pink Magnolia, invited us personally on this trip in order to see their SS13 show during the Mexico Mercedes Benz fashion week, visit their store, showroom and of course meet the whole team. But we were also super excited to run away from the crazy cold which is freezing everybody’s bones back in Switzerland. So of course, when it came to packing I was quite surprised to see that I have filled only the half of my suitcase : no need to take coats, just a couple of shirts, skirts, pants and that’s all. What a relief! Changes from New York or Paris where half of your lagguages are filled with heavy coats and sweaters. Of course, James and I were looking forward to discover this completely different culture, see the city and obviously try the food. However, and very unfortunately, we couldn’t stay that long since we had some projects planned back in Switzerland and had to come back quite early : so our stay was  made of 4 entire days in Mexico which is let’s say… not that much for such a big city. I mean, for the biggest city in the world, helloo. Therefore the planning was quite tough to make, since we had to choose the most interesting things to see and to do. The only thing I can tell you is that we enjoyed every little second of this amazing trip and already miss the lovely sisters from Pink Magnolia : Paola, Pamela and the sweet Daniella Wong. Hopefully we will be back soon but for now let’s enjoy the pictures (it’s always so nice to jump back in the memories of some amazing experiences through the images we shot!).

After a 14 hours flight, with a connection in Paris, James and I arrived to Mexico in a heavy zombi mood : craving food, water and all kind of human needs. So once we arrived at our hotel it was the holy relief and we’ve spent more than 4 hours in our room simply enjoying a breakfast, the shower and of course a little nap time. Since we arrived in the city at 5am, we didn’t loose that much time and at 12 o’clock we were fit and ready to go out in town for lunch with the youngest Wong sister : Daniella, aspiring actress (she played in the movie ”On the Road” you should definitely check it out). What’s so amazing about them three, is that each of the Wong sisters has her own talent. Paola is the artist : she is the founder and designer of Pink Magnolia, Pamela is the business girl and a master chef in staying organised, finally Daniella is the sweet lolita and talented actress. We had so much fun together and I can’t wait to talk to you guys a little more about them tomorrow. So for our lunch we decided to go to Dulce Patria, a great restaurant situated in the Polanco region of the city. It was an occasion for us to try our very first Mexican meal. Thank god Dani was with us to explain the name of the dishes (everything was in spanish, and well I really don’t speak a word). She picked out a couple of typical mexican courses so we can try everything and have a global outlook on the mexican cuisine. My absolute crush were of course the meat filled tacos : so incredibly good. But I must say the the Chia green tea drink was to die for as well. Too bad we don’t have those in Switzerland…

BLAZER : Virgos Lounge
PANTS : Dolce & Gabbana
SHOES : Zara
TOP : Billabong
BAG : Dior

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