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24 hours

Pictures by James Vyn

 A WHOLE DAY IN PICTURES Lately, I’ve been receiving a lot of messages from you guys asking me what my day consists in. As some of you might know, I just finished high school and took some time off to concentrate on my blog which brings many incredible opportunities and projects. Believe it or not, it has become a real job for me. Actually not only for me, but also for James who is working with me full time on developping Kayture but also some other members of the Kayture team (all family) who invest their time to help me manage the emails and projects. Of course, it feels amazing to be able to consider blogging as my job, I would have never imagined two years ago that I could actually say that. Oh gosh, two years ago I would have been like ” Blogging? A job? And how exactly can it be a job?”. Turns out, I have learned so much during my blogging experience : some things that you simply can’t learn from books. It’s something that you have to experience to understand, make your mistakes, understand who you are in order to make the right choices, learn to organise yourself and to do everything at the same time (which can be quite tricky sometimes), think about monetizing in an honest and proffessional way, focus on quality and refuse collaborations you don’t deeply believe in, consider your responsabilities seriously and be respectfull towards people you’re working with by keeping your words and promises… And the list can go on. These are all values you learn from your teachers or parents throughout your life but being able to actually experience them in real life is completely different. So, of course it’s quite amazing to be able to enjoy my passion every single day and above all share it with you guys. It demands quite a lot of time investement (the main reason why I decided to fully concentrate on that) but is such a great experience to live.  I totally encourage all of you to follow your dreams, be creative and think about a strategy to achive your wills. Talent is only 10%, the other 90% is honestly work in my opinion.

So what does my day consists in? Well James and I have the chance to travel quite a lot we don’t really spend that much time at home. But you know what, I am actually so in love with this active lifestyle. The fact is that, when I have nothing to do, I get over-the-top lazy, spend the whole day in pyjamas and do absolutely nothing interesting. As soon as there are too many things to do, my brain starts working 10 times faster than normal and I am in an extreme productive mood (gosh… it sounds like I am writing about some sort of machine or something). I guess the stress and the pressure really motivates me. On the other hand, when I have to much free time, I would instantly be like ” aah I’ll answer these emails in two hours, still have plenty time to do it later” and would finally forget about them… Yup. So we’re always trying to keep it busy and always try to plan some intense days even if some of them end up to be cooler or more stressfull that the other ones. Therefore, in this article I wanted to take you guys through a typical journey with us, quite a cool one with some interesting things going. These pictures haven’t been all taken the same day, but put all together represent quite well an example of a typical day. So let’s just imagine they were indeed all done at the same moment : much easier. Actually James and I shot those pictures during our stay at the Renaissance tower for the Zürich Fashion Days. A big thanks again to Lavazza for being so kind to us and offering us such a nice experience. Enjoy those pictures guys and have a sweet weekend!

8AM : Breakfast time at the Renaissance tower’s Equinox restaurant which becomes each morning a great buffet space. It’s time to load some energy in that body!
11AM : Time to stop by the Lancôme corner at the Jelmoli for a little meeting with the lovely skin care expert to talk about the perfect products for winter.
2PM : Lunch break at the Atelier near Paradeplatz, I love having a hot soup on a cold day in the city. The perfect snack!
4PM : Back to the hotel where a box of sweet Ladurées are waiting, thanks to James who always thinks of precious moments where we just rest, enjoy some free time and watch a movie with macarons.
6PM : Time to pamper before going out for dinner, a touch of perfume (Manifesto by YSL is my crush of the moment… can’t be wrong with that one), some brighter lipstick and ready to rock
7PM : Time for dinner and drinks at the Renaissance tower. I’ve tried at their lobby bar the most incredible burger in my whole entire life (no joke…). The perfect combination of everything : I honestly suggest you to try the chicken burger if you’re in Zürich.

10PM : Zürich fashion days after party at the Park Hyatt hotel, enjoying the night with all the designers who presented their amazing collection. Among them Massimo Giorgetti form MSGM and of course the amazing designer behind the brand Laurèl

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